Residential Cleaning in Rio Rancho

A clean, clutter-free home is the secret to a more centered and comfortable life. However, finding the time to provide your Rio Rancho home with a thorough clean is a struggle in of itself. Balancing the demands of your professional life while still finding time to unwind often leaves home messy and unsanitary. Even if your house is neatly organized, there still might be thousands of germs and allergens lurking in the corners of your home that are threatening to derail your best laid plans.

We understand that people’s time is more precious than ever and there are certain people in Rio Rancho who simply can’t make the time to make sure their homes are as clean as can be. Just because there are only 24-hours in a day doesn’t mean these people deserve clean, comfortable homes to live, which is why we are proud to offer meticulously thorough residential cleaning services to allow even the busiest people to reap the benefits of a clean home.

If you are tired of struggling to make time to clean your home or you don’t want to use up your limited and precious free time on chores, contact Meldy's Cleaning Services today. More and more Rio Rancho home owners are enjoying not just cleaner, more sanitary homes when they acquire Meldy's Cleaning Services’s exceptional residential cleaning services, they also have more free time and energy to do the things they have always wanted to do.

Rather than make unnecessary sacrifices, contact Meldy's Cleaning Services today and take advantage of the best, most professional residential cleaners in the Rio Rancho area.

Detailed Domestic Cleaning

When people claim they are cleaning their home, more often they are merely tidying up. Removing the top layer of dust, vacuuming noticeable crumbs and other surface-level cleaning tasks are time consuming on their own, and though they are necessary just how clean is your home once you are done? Sure, it may look better when you are done but cleanliness is more than skin deep.

What most home owners call cleaning, Meldy's Cleaning Services’s home cleaners only consider tidying. That’s because there’s so much more to do than a quick counter scrub before you can really be sure that germs, bacteria and allergens are gone. Our residential cleaning services are detailed oriented, which means we take extra special care to make your home sparkling.

Our detailed home cleaning services include:

Disinfecting all surfaces

The most popular surfaces for germs to live and spread are often the most overlooked. Doorknobs are an obvious place where germs breed and transmit, but how often do you take the time to clean your own doorknobs? Or what about light switches? Have you ever cleaned those? You should because they are very unsanitary. With our domestic cleaning services, we make sure that these often-forgotten areas are disinfected for better health.

Storage areas

Closets and pantries can often be forgotten because they are full of things you never use. And while you may assume it’s clean because it’s so rarely used, that inactivity is a magnet for dust mites and other allergens. By being thorough and disinfected these underused area, we can improve the overall air quality of your home.

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